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18-Feb-2018 15:55

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Our focus is on activities such as trivia, archery, ice skating, cycling, walking, dinners, movies, and drink and coffee meetups, karaoke and others and we have an event or two on EVERY DAY and a really great social event (nearly) EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT!Everyone who comes along finds our events to be friendly, relaxed and well organised and we only have a few hosts so that you are sure to see a familiar, friendly face!BUT we get discounts and/or free drinks and food for our members at some of our events.* We DO NOT promote any businesses - we are purely SOCIAL! You are welcome to stay in the group because we have joint functions with other groups all the time so you don't have to be single to be in our group.

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You will not only get pleasure but QUALITY PLEASURE.

SO JOIN OUR FANTASTIC GROUP AND COME TO AN EVENT NOW! Organisers can not stop people from emailing each other so if you receive an email that you are uncomfortable about - don't react- just 'block' that person or you can go to your profile and change the email setting so that you only get emails from Organisers.• PHOTOS-*A real life photo of yourself is requested for the site.* Please do not upload photos of events as we prefer that only our hosts do that.