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To date, more than a thousand fragments with similar inscriptions have been found on various archaeological sites throughout south-eastern Europe, notably in Greece (Dispilio Tablet), Bulgaria, Romania, eastern Hungary, Moldova, and southern Ukraine.

There have been several interpretations as to what exactly lies etched on the three clay tablets.

Ancient Sumerian writing may NOT have been the first people to invent the earliest form of writing—which by the way is said to have appeared around 3,500 BC.

Scientists argue that the Tartaria tablets are evidence of a writing system that predates the one in Ancient Sumer by at least some 2,000 years.

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Vlassa claimed that the inscriptions on the tablets are pictograms and other items found at the same place were subsequently carbon-dated to before 4000 BC (while the tablets themselves cannot be dated by physical or chemical methods), which means they appeared thirteen hundred years earlier than the date he expected, and earlier even than the writing systems of the Sumerians and Minoans.

The Vinča culture occupied a region of Southeastern Europe (i.e.